Meet Our Team



Luisa szakacs, nd, cnC | Founder

I spent most of my childhood growing up in a wonderful lake community in New Jersey. My parents made home-cooked meals, and my dad, who was a chemist, discouraged any chemicals in our food. To my dismay, Lucky Charms, and Tasty-kakes were not an option for us. Of course, I was jealous of all the other kids in the neighborhood who could have easy access to this type of food, but now thinking back, I am truly grateful of my upbringing.

I remember feeling independent when I first got my license, I stopped at Texaco to refuel and ran into buy a package of licorice for breakfast! However, I later regretted that decision due to an upset stomach all day. Thankfully, after college, I realized the error of my ways, and that maybe my dad was right!

Now of course, the idea of “right” foods has changed over the years, and many of us unknowingly followed the ”low-fat” diet, which now years later, has resulted in a 33% rate of obesity in the U.S. The idea of “health” for us has been to exercise and eat “right.” So what was “right”? And is there more to “health” than that?

When my first son was born, I wanted the best for him. I had some concern because my baby only pooped once a week, when I asked one of the pediatricians if anything I ate was affecting my baby – he told me that it doesn’t matter, and even if you eat Twinkies, all foods are fortified with vitamins anyway. As I was careful of the vaccinations given to my son, I was stunned when the pediatrician tried to persuade me into a specific vaccine just because my insurance covered it! To this day, I am still shocked at that statements and advice I was given from the doctors that I had trusted to take care of my children.

After receiving that discouraging advice, I knew I needed a better plan. Our family started taking some whole food vitamins, which made a big difference. Then I read Jordan Rubin’s book, “The Maker’s Diet”. I was so thankful for that book. It made such an impact on my life,. The concepts in the book made so much sense. God truly has given us everything we need on Earth to stay healthy. Incorporating the principles from this book has been life changing for myself and my family. I decided to go back to school to learn more about the human body with the desire to help people regain and maintain their health naturally, and to educate them so they too would understand how to make the lifestyle changes necessary to optimize their health by following these GOD given principles.

I received my degree from Trinity School of Natural Health as a Traditional Naturopath and a Certification in Nutritional Counseling. I also received extensive training in Clearwater, Florida for Nutrition Response Testing. Over the last 10 years, I have had many opportunities to work with, and be mentored by, advanced health care practitioners in the field of nutrition.

God has greatly blessed my family with four healthy kids, and with that I decided it was best to bring my clients to a home office setting. With what my family has learned, we named our practice “Marpé Nutrition”. Marpé in Hebrew means health, healing, and wholesome. That is exactly what proper food can do.

I am thrilled to now be able to encourage others who are searching like I was for what “right” and “health” really is. I thank GOD for giving me the opportunity to share His plan for health with others.



gretchen hahn | Nutrition assistant

I can distinctly remember two thoughts I had while first working as a pharmacist. The first was that although I saw a constant stream of patients who were faithfully taking their medications, very few ever regained their health. And my second thought was that one medication inevitably always led to a second, and so on.

I was becoming disillusioned with the “health” care system and felt that there must be a better way. My “a-ha” moment came with my first child who had a variety of health issues. God was clearly at work reeducating me and opening my eyes to the world of natural healing. I found that treating her with whole food supplements and changing her diet improved her health far beyond what years of medicine alone had accomplished.

Luisa and Marpé Nutrition have played a huge role in helping not only my daughter take control of her health, but my whole family as well. The world of natural health was opened to me, and I dove in, trying to learn as much as I could about nutrition, natural health, and other healing options. With encouragement from family and friends, I enrolled in the Trinity School of Natural Health and am currently working towards my certification as a Natural Health Professional (CNHP). I am excited to be a part of Marpé Nutrition and look forward to educating and encouraging others along their journey to health and wellness. It is only through Him that we have Hope, Healing, Health and Happiness.



daria enz | Nutrition assistant

I attended West Chester University for Nutrition and Dietetics with the hope that I would be able to help people through food. Sadly, at the end of my degree, I left school feeling disappointed. My studies were centered around the clinical side of nutrition. I would be working in a hospital counting calories and calculating BMI, keeping my patients stable as opposed to actually helping them get better. I knew this wasn’t what I wanted but I had no idea that something like Marpé nutrition existed.

I ended up working for a pharmaceutical company for three years with the feeling that there has to be a better way to help people get better. After my son, Hans, was born I quit my desk job and decided to continue my search. I stumbled upon Luisa’s website and while I looked at her page I realized this was what I had been looking for.

Working with Luisa has been a blessing. Not only have I witnessed her help many people, but she has also helped my son. For months, Hans was not sleeping at night, waking up every hour crying hysterically and I didn’t know why. I made him an appointment with Luisa and she suggested that he was lacking essential fats, which would help him absorb his nutrients. After just one visit, Hans slept through the night. My one year old now goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up at 7:30am. I am so grateful to be on the Marpé team and am enjoying the opportunity to learn and grow in the nutrition field. I intend to continue learning so that I can help people as Luisa does, through God, food and natural healing.