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Digestive, Skin & Hormonal Issues

My two young daughters and I suffered from many digestive issues, eczema and skin problems, fungal and parasite infections, as well as hormonal imbalance in myself. My oldest daughter was on the autistic spectrum with many psychological and behavioral problems. We had been treated by numerous naturopaths and MDs while utilizing the GAPS diet and specific supplement protocols. We saw some relief but nothing compared to the healing we have experienced with Dr. Luisa's expertise. She helped to peel back the layers and heal using the supplements our bodies truly needed. Dr. Luisa's care was an outstanding addition to using the GAPS protocol. I feel like I am truly alive for the first time in my life and my children are healthy and thriving. Our family has been immensely blessed by being under Dr. Luisa's care. -- Ashley  

Exhaustion, Low Energy and Headaches

The only way to describe how I felt before coming to Marpe Nutrition was exhausted. I was exhausted all the time, my energy was so low, and I had frequent headaches. Previously, I had never sought out any medical treatment for my fatigue or headaches; I suffered through it. Today I am feeling great! My energy is high, I am eating well, and I have lost 30lbs- even my wife is jealous! I am now on maintenance and I am feeling a whole lot better. --DJ

High Cholesterol, Diet and Energy Levels

Before I came to Marpe Nutrition I was being treated for high cholesterol and prescribed medication. The medication caused side effects which in turn needed additional medication. As a result, my uric acid levels became elevated. I found out that my levels of iodine were low so I took lots of supplements which I thought would help. The experience with Marpe Nutrition has been overwhelmingly good. At this point I made it my goal to get off cholesterol medication since I believed there were underlying issues and thought fine-tuning my diet would help.  I heard about Marpe through a coworker and wanted my wife to also benefit from Luisa’s knowledge. As a result of working with Luisa I better understand the impact of food and body chemistry. I’ve recently retired so I have more time to make up weekly menu lists and shop accordingly. The overall outcome is that better eating supplies increased energy to support my activities such as biking and strength training. Another bonus I’ve realized is that my body has completely reversed the presence of heavy metals and the inability to hold onto trace minerals. Today I do not take as many supplements but specific ones my body needs to maintain solid health. --Kevin

Migraines and Low Energy

My husband and I were dealing with various health issues such as migraine headaches though, we never thought too much about our eating habits or patterns. Generally we thought we were healthy, going by our measuring stick of not going to the doctor often. At the time, we did not realize what we really were missing when it came to our overall health and well-being. One day a friend of ours invited us to one of Luisa’s workshops. We were completely floored by the amount of information we learned that we immediately put into practice her suggestions. It was somewhat challenging but we saw results right away which encouraged us to continue and even follow up with a detoxification program under Luisa’s professional guidance. The difference in our health is like night and day. My husband and I have more energy especially to play with our young children. In fact, I began running again and am currently training for a ½ marathon. My husband is our primary cook and makes delicious, wholesome and healthy meals which support our new lifestyle. I highly recommend Marpe Nutrition’s services because what you eat definitely has a direct connection to your health. --Staci

Fatique and Asthma

I felt horrible before coming to Marpé Nutrition! I was tired all the time; unable to stay awake long enough to make it through my school day. My asthma was so severe I was constantly being taken out of sports games and I would struggle to breathe to the point of tears. I was so frustrated, I felt I was unable to do the things I loved and I didn’t know why. My primary physician wouldn’t even bother to test me for mononucleosis because, ‘”there’s nothing to cure it anyway." After being discouraged by the doctor’s response, my parents took me to an over-priced allergist who tested me for different things, prescribing more inhalers that were not effective. It seemed like a never-ending road of more treatments and test that were ineffective. My good friend referred me to Luisa Szakacs, and within the first week of being treated by her I had answers! Since then I have never felt better; I have not used my inhaler once! I did have mononucleosis, which is now gone! My asthma, allergies, fatigue, and lack of focus have all disappeared! I have been able to exercise in the gym, run for long periods of time without difficulty breathing, I feel so much healthier! I am able to do the things I love and serve God to the best of my abilities in all that I do. This has truly changed my life and I am never going back to the way I used to live! THANK YOU!!! --JK

Yeast Infections, Irregular Menstrual Cycles and Fatigue

Having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), I experienced regular yeast infections, with no sex drive, non-regulated menstrual cycles, (medically induced, not naturally occurring) and constantly fatigued. My memory was horrible, I had trouble remembering everything. I had too many small issues for the age of 30. I tried creams, pills, home remedies, and sought out many specialist for my issues. The doctors were over prescribing medication; I was up to six fluconazole tablets, despite the normal dosage of one. Doctors tried switching my birth control and when that didn't fix anything, they suggested hormone injections- all at the age of 30! That’s when I realized I had to find someone else to help me. From the first week I started at Marpe, I NEVER had another yeast infection again. I am completely off birth control managing my PCOS with supplements and diet. I remember more and sleep so much better at night! Lastly, I have lost over 25 lbs! It wasn't always easy, but I am loving my new lifestyle! --E.D

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